We Are The Phoenix Quill – Why You Should Join


We are The Phoenix Quill.

Why should you care? Because we’re a group of writers just like you.

Imagine a room full of writers, some new, some seasoned, some published, some fumbling around in the dark clutching for a morsel of insight into the big scary world that is publishing. Picture, if you will, the room is dim, glasses clinking. Someone tells a joke in the left hand corner, and the room erupts into boisterous laughter. Later someone sniffs into a half empty glass of watered down whisky, lamenting over his latest rejection. The room goes silent for a moment and an arm reaches out to clasp his shoulder.

“I’ve been there, bro.”

You might ask how an online group can feel like a room full of folks chuckling, debating, encouraging. There is a spark in The Phoenix Quill. A light that burns so bright it draws us like moths to a flame. Why? Because we are real with one another. And with only one rule: don’t be an ass, the Quillians flourish.

The upcoming publication of our first anthology spurred the idea to form a site. One that would feature blogs from our writers and showcase the vast array of style and interests. We will cover writing topics for enrichment, enlightenment, and pure entertainment. Two pages of our site are dedicated to writing tips/tools, and world building/plotting. You can read more about who we are on the Meet the crew page, hone skills by writing a short paragraph from the writing prompt page, or simply enjoy a blog or two.Without further ado, I invite you to join with us. As we of The Phoenix Quill would say, “Come on in, the water’s fine.”

Blog written by Beth Hammond:

small profile picBeth is an author/illustrator who writes anything from YA fantasy to children’s picture books. She is a wife, mother, and lover of life. Her early years were spent serving in the military. Her middle years spent raising babies and figuring out her place in the world. She created stories for her book loving children and recently released “Do Your Toes Stink Good?”, “The Blond Korean and the Blue-Eyed frog”, and “Puppy Waits”. Her YA fantasy novel “The Sound Of The Stones” will be released September of 2015 through eLectio publishing. Her later years are yet to come, and filled with hopes and endless dreams. She spends her days creating worlds through words and illustration. You can find her on: bethhammond.com


22 thoughts on “We Are The Phoenix Quill – Why You Should Join

    1. It’s funny what the right mix of people in a closed group on Facebook can do for communication. I get so much from the other writers there. Not only is it about writing, but also about how you live your life and find time to write. It makes me feel less alone in my struggles.


  1. Most Recent Anonymous (the one who has no need to resort to ad hominem foul laYn)ageu:gou get the big idea here… have America commit to an Energy Manhattan Project, or a Kennedy-esque Energy to the Moon in Ten Years project, and LEARN, in our American commitment, what CAN and CANNOT be done in the way of fusion… Learn in a rapid, timely manner based on scientific reality… not anger, denial or name-calling.


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