RRPI Publishing – Free Quarterly Contest for Horror Writers


RRPI runs a free quarterly contest which will be published at the end of the year in an anthology titled “Collective Ramblings: Volume ____” the numbers will be consecutive from this year on, starting at one. Each contest will have a different theme and the top five will be published, only the top story will win a $50 gift card. So far we have done a super powers and deserted Island contest which is ending on the 15th of August. Our next is a horror story contest which begins in September.
Submissions will be from September 1st – October 15th.

  • All submissions will be between 3,000 – 5,000 words.
  • Each writer may submit up to three stories.
  • Only one submission by a writer may place in the top five.
  • All submissions, whether by the same writer or not, will receive a FREE full service edit and proofread.
  • The top five submissions will be published in our annual anthology and receive a free copy.
  • The top submission will receive a $50 digital gift card to one of a selection of online retailers (Amazon, Audibles, Barnes and Noble, and others.)
  • Please submit your work to ahughes@ramrampublishing.com or by using the form on our website

Recently RRPI has started an Indiegogo campaign. Supporters can select a perk and get copies of our annual anthology, our first book by E.C. Jarvis, or both! The goal is to get to $3,000 within 60 days. If people are unable to donate, we ask that they at least give us a share!


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