Tips for Self Editing from an Editor


Whether you’re self-publishing or traditionally, nothing is more important after you finish your manuscript than editing. Having a beautiful, polished product to give to an agent or your readers makes you look professional and brings in more readers in the long run. Even if you can’t afford a professional editor like me, there are some things you can do to edit your own manuscript to make it look wonderful.

In my opinion, if you’re going to self-edit then it’s best to structure your task into smaller sections. Start with the content. The essence of content editing is to read the story as an impartial reader would. You want to look for anything inconsistent (does your MC have blue eyes on page 5 but brown on page 10), plot holes (how did she escape the dungeon without help), if the story flows and develops at a nice pace, and making sure there’s no large sections that aren’t needed. The way you can use this for self-editing is, when you finish writing, set your novel aside for a little while and then start reading it. Make note of plot holes, inconsistencies, things that need to be added, and things that need to be cut. Take as much time as you need to fix those things. After that, go back through with a finer eye to catch your grammar. This is proofreading. You’re looking for misplaced commas, apostrophes, correct usage of things like hyphens and semicolons, sentence structure, and typos. When I edit my own work, I always go through it a time after those two just in case. Since we all know what we were trying to write, it can be harder finding errors in your own work. For that, try reading aloud, reading backward, or changing fonts.

If you know you aren’t great at the grammar or if you are able to afford a professional editor, that’s definitely a good way to go. Freelance editors like myself are generally pretty affordable. I charge only $1 per page for both the content editing and the proofreading, both of which I detailed above, for that cost as well as reformatting into standard manuscript format for submission to publishers, and for a manuscript between 50,000-100,000, I can usually finish in 2-4 weeks. I leave detailed comments at the end of all the chapters so you get my opinion as a reader as I move through your plot, and a large overview at the end with general comments. I love working closely with my clients so you can get the best product possible that will make not only you happy but your readers and all future readers too.

If you’d like more information about my rates (or if you have questions about my method or a free sample, I have contact information), please feel free to head over to my website (and don’t forget the testimonial section) at

If you’re interested in my own published work and everything upcoming with both The Ed Greenwood Group or my future publication deals being negotiated by my agent, you can check out

10361339_271958479650712_494268785277658541_nAngel Thomas graduated from college in 2013 with a degree in English. She’s been editing for three years on her own (and once briefly on a professional level) with many successful and happy clients. She offers both proofreading and content editing for one affordable rate. She strives to offer professional quality editing at a rate everyone can afford that way the best books are being published by indie authors. As an author, Angel writes under the name Angel Blackwood generally in the fantasy genre. She has three short stories in three different anthology (two of which with proceeds going to charity)– one for bad trips, one for abandoned Earth locations, and one for thieves – and has an agent working tirelessly to get her a publication deal for her novel. She also writes with The Ed Greenwood Group and is currently in talks to find a publication date for her most recent novel. For questions about her rates, method, or free samples, visit her website. You can check out her facebook author page for updates on her latest projects, interesting articles, and all sorts of other things.



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