The Romance of Writing


The Romance of Writing: By Devani Alderson

Imagine a cafe in Paris. You know? With the cute little outside table, a fluffy buttery croissant, pretty latte with foam art that immediately makes you want to post an Instagram. #InstaCoffee #ShouldBeWriting #ParisLife.

Your MacBook with the blank word screen, or if you’re a pro, Scrivener is open. #AmWriting.  Or not.



Romance vs Reality: 

When I was growing up, the idea of “being a writer” compelled me more than the actual craft itself.  It was so glamorous.   Travel the world, write stories that people who flock to the bookshelves (or Amazon) to fangirl about, movies based on the books. Just the thought of all that sounds so incredible. The potential and possibility.

Then I actually started writing. Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard. How it was done didn’t really matter, though I much preferred the Word processing. It had spellcheck.

As I would come up with cool plots and seemingly interesting characters, I started seeing how much work crafting a story took. Screw the Paris cafe. It was just me and that cursed blank screen and the reality of the art. The pain of art.

Cause baby, now we got bad blood. *Me talking to my book.*

I still struggle with this. One of my biggest hurdles is creating depth of emotion. Creating a plot and writing character dialogue is easy for me, but what it comes to writing depth, emotion, and really getting into the nitty gritty, I struggle.

No matter what you do in life, there will always be aspects that you buy into because of the romance. Once the new wears off and the dust settles, you’re left with a reality that either: You still enjoy enough to continue the real work, or you decide it’s just not your cuppa joe. Sometimes you loop back around to it once you’ve gone out and tried new things.

There is not a right or wrong choice. Only what resonates with your core when the romantic notion is tarnished with reality.


Take a Break:

Not everything resonates with us all the time. I haven’t seriously dedicated time to my current sci-fi novel for a year, if not longer.

“But Devani, how can you call yourself a fiction writer if you’re not actually writing any fiction?!”

I get it. I question my own validity as a fiction writer all the time.

I hesitate to tell people that I write novels, especially other writers. How can I have an honest conversation with another writer, talking with them and knowing their struggles if I haven’t put any serious attention to my own story for so long?

Art is about authenticity and sometimes we have to step away from our work, experience life, try new things, and then re-focus.

As a young writer especially, there are times where I would question if I really had what it takes to be a writer. While I had bought the identity of a “fiction writer” hook line and sinker, there were identity crisis moments where I wasn’t sure if that was me anymore.

Then there were moments where I would question if I was just giving up because the going was getting tough or because I really didn’t want to write.

I’ve figured it out.

Through taking a break from it, I’ve figured out that I do want to write. I want to write novels, nonfiction books, blog articles like this one on an array of topics I learn about through this life journey.

But I don’t want to only wear the “Writer” hat.   I want to be able to where many hats. I also want to go to a Paris Cafe just to see if it’s really as romantic as we all seem to think it is and as Midnight in Paris depicts.


So whether you’re a writer, painter, dancer, musician, carpenter, office worker, own a cafe, own some other business, be okay to change hats.

Give yourself permission to try new identities. Just maybe you will find your way back to your passion craft in a more authentic way if you gift yourself with a break.

I can’t wait to get back to my novel and see what ideas are in store for it. I wish you the best on your journey… Where ever it may take you.

Cheers to you, your craft, and your decisions!


Devani Alderson

Writer, Photographer, Entrepreneur



IMG_7198Devani Anjali Alderson is a passionate millennial CEO who runs a marketing agency helping business owners, artists, and creative minded people spread their message in the modern online world.

She is also an avid fan of science fiction, taking photos of nature, writing a fiction novel, master minding with like-minded people… And her Maltese dog Caspian (as in the Prince from Narnia, not the sea). Website:, Twitter: @DevaniAnjali


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