Why. So. Serious?


Are you a writer? Fiction? Poetry? Blogs? Music/Lyrics?

Do you suffer from ‘Writer’s Block?’

Yes. Definitely. I hate it.

Why? Why do you hate it? Is it because you feel you should be writing because you’re a writer?

Well of course.

But aren’t you also a person? With family maybe? A job? Ever get ill?

Well of course.

So what’s the problem? No one can write ALL the time.

I know that. But I’m a writer. It defines me.

Is an Astronaut not an Astronaut when he/she isn’t in space?

Of course not.

Is a fireman not a fireman when he/she isn’t rescuing someone?

Of course not.

So are you not still a writer when you’re not writing?

Hmmm. I see your point.

Good. 😀

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