I’m a writer. Not a bloody accountant.

A bit controversial, maybe that’s why I like this. What say you?


What on earth are you talking about now?

I’m fed up. As an aspiring author I am a member of several writing sites/Facebook groups etc etc.

So? What’s that got to do with numbers?

Well. Everyone seems obsessed with word count. How many words do you plan to write today? Oooh, I’m so pleased. I wrote 15,000,000 words today. It’s such a rush. Etc etc.

Well. Isn’t it nice that people are happy with aiming to achieve things and are pleased when they reach their goals?

No. It’s bloody annoying. Writing is art. How many artists do you hear saying they’re going to paint ten pieces today? How many musicians tell you their goal for the day is to compose an album? It’s daft. I’d rather write one good sentence than 2000 words of crap.

Ummm. You may have a point.

Shut up. I’m trying to write….

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3 thoughts on “I’m a writer. Not a bloody accountant.

  1. Some writers need a word count goal. In fact, most of the writers I know have a daily goal. Even artists have goals as to what they’re going to accomplish that day, or at least try to accomplish. Yeah, writing is an art but it’s also a craft to be honed, practiced, and banged into something beautiful. Sometimes, that means having a daily goal and crowing about it keeps you encouraged. Writing is intensely personal and draining. Meeting goals can keep a writer going.

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