Your word count means nothing to me

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Still from The Shining (from A “sadistic” writing app, The Most Dangerous Writing App, recently appeared on my social media feed. It registers when you’re not writing – 5 seconds of no typing – and starts deleting what you’ve already written. At first, I laughed and moved on. I thought it…

Writer Conference Tips

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I went to LTUE last week with a writing friend, Christine Haggerty. You should read her books. She’s brilliant. Not only do I adore her writing, but she dragged me to a conference where I learned a lot, met a lot of people, and fell in love with a writing…

Why Readers Don’t Leave Reviews

Why Readers Don’t Leave Reviews by Rosa Arcade  Authors spend months (years) crafting a tale, editing and polishing, finding an agent and/or publisher, learning self-publishing options and formatting, dealing with cover art, blurbs, marketing, book tours, interviews … all that before their book is even published. Once their work is out there, authors are vulnerable … More Why Readers Don’t Leave Reviews

How Authors Can Benefit From Facebook Groups by Devani Anjali Alderson

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Is Facebook Worth the Time Investment for Authors? Are you an author who is concerned about Facebook’s Organic Reach plummeting to scary-low levels? Don’t have any Ad Spend budget?  Not sure how to proceed, or if you should just forget Facebook and stick with Twitter or Instagram? Don’t worry, you’re…

Why. So. Serious?

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Are you a writer? Fiction? Poetry? Blogs? Music/Lyrics? Do you suffer from ‘Writer’s Block?’ Yes. Definitely. I hate it. Why? Why do you hate it? Is it because you feel you should be writing because you’re a writer? Well of course. But aren’t you also a person? With family maybe? A job? Ever get…

The Romance of Writing

The Romance of Writing: By Devani Alderson Imagine a cafe in Paris. You know? With the cute little outside table, a fluffy buttery croissant, pretty latte with foam art that immediately makes you want to post an Instagram. #InstaCoffee #ShouldBeWriting #ParisLife. Your MacBook with the blank word screen, or if you’re a pro, Scrivener is open. … More The Romance of Writing