Your word count means nothing to me

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Still from The Shining (from A “sadistic” writing app, The Most Dangerous Writing App, recently appeared on my social media feed. It registers when you’re not writing – 5 seconds of no typing – and starts deleting what you’ve already written. At first, I laughed and moved on. I thought it…

Writer Conference Tips

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I went to LTUE last week with a writing friend, Christine Haggerty. You should read her books. She’s brilliant. Not only do I adore her writing, but she dragged me to a conference where I learned a lot, met a lot of people, and fell in love with a writing…

Why Readers Don’t Leave Reviews

Why Readers Don’t Leave Reviews by Rosa Arcade  Authors spend months (years) crafting a tale, editing and polishing, finding an agent and/or publisher, learning self-publishing options and formatting, dealing with cover art, blurbs, marketing, book tours, interviews … all that before their book is even published. Once their work is out there, authors are vulnerable … More Why Readers Don’t Leave Reviews

Why. So. Serious?

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Are you a writer? Fiction? Poetry? Blogs? Music/Lyrics? Do you suffer from ‘Writer’s Block?’ Yes. Definitely. I hate it. Why? Why do you hate it? Is it because you feel you should be writing because you’re a writer? Well of course. But aren’t you also a person? With family maybe? A job? Ever get…

The Romance of Writing

The Romance of Writing: By Devani Alderson Imagine a cafe in Paris. You know? With the cute little outside table, a fluffy buttery croissant, pretty latte with foam art that immediately makes you want to post an Instagram. #InstaCoffee #ShouldBeWriting #ParisLife. Your MacBook with the blank word screen, or if you’re a pro, Scrivener is open. … More The Romance of Writing