Plotting and World Building Tools


Create and Plot with these helpful tools:


Medieval Warfare & Arms – You can get lost on this site for hours researching tactics, weaponry, what life was like, women in arms, and so much more.

*Link Here*


Click the picture below for a nice overview of Medieval sword forms.



A neat site that will¬†generate towns, coins, landscapes, names and more. It’s a good place to get the imagination working.


This site is like a thousand shiny objects for the geeks among us. Seriously, you should go lose an hour over there creating names, deciding what weapons to use, finding the right armor, and enjoying the cool pics.


This is a neat site. I used it for some great ideas when I drew my own. He offers free maps and the site is clean and easy to navigate.


This is beautifully made workshop with downloadable pdf. He breaks down world building in the most delightful way. You should go take a look.


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